Friday, January 27, 2006

Google this..Google that

Yes Google is my homepage.. yes the pontiac's commercials tell you to "Don’t take our word for it, Google pontiac and discover for yourself" so whats next? well they recently introduced Google Video(which lets users download video for free pay for certain videos).. but whats missing? Loud TUNES!! and Im glad there are other people out there seeing this too because I was starting to think I was the only crazy and obssessed one with Google with things like "why arent they doing this? would be cool if Google did this and that...they should to hire me!"
I have been talking about how it would make sense at least in my opinion and now it seems that Im not the only one as Forbes thinks this too for them to get into the mp3 business with an itunes competitor now with recent launches of Google video and Google pack, which includes Real player as an option...But Real player is so 1999, and why not use your own application? with the buzz and branding they have going for them it would be crazy not to.. crazy like driving a Lexus with a Hundai engine? So predictions are in, its friday nite and I have a happy hour to crash so only time will tell..