Friday, January 20, 2006

Rumors on Motorola Q

Seems that Moto is cancelling the GSM version of this puppy or at least thats the rumor going around. the only model that may make it to the US is the CDMA version to be released on verizon. This is nothing new to Moto's smarphones which are known to have had issues with Windows Mobile OS. In April 05, the much anticipated MPx and the smaller MPx100 were cancelled. The Motorla Q was hyped for last year but it seems it it will follow the same fate. As the folks over at gizmodo said "why Motorola would continue delaying it. Unless, of course, they want to replace the Windows Mobile 5 with that new Linux OS (the one they announced with the ROKR E2), which would be more than fine by me" and me too! As I am very happy with my motorola E680i running linux OS and OPIE and dont see myself ever getting anything with Windows mobile. I have yet to test out the palm 700w but from what I've read it seems that I will be disapointed just like I was with the 650 release.