Friday, April 07, 2006

Vending Machines Sell iPods

When I thought it couldnt get any worse.. now you can pick up your ipods on a vending machine.. dont forget to stock up on m&m's while you are there..
felow metrosexual-techgeek Aaron smutz fwd this on an email to me and the other two techgeeks (rob & joey) and as always the inbox flooding started on discussing this.. so who really would buy a $300 ipod on the go... a purchase like this requires some time set aside to play with it.. and set it up right? or is that just me that schedules a weekend aside when I get a new toy?
anyway we came to the conclusion that the only way we would buy something like this is that if it came preloaded with some that way if you lost yours..or have an urge for hearing that latest song you could get it right then.. fully charged..ready to go w\ some tunes.. so why not? come on Stevo.. sell us some preloaded ipods in a wide variety of genres: Rock, Country, electronica,HipHop, and maybe a mix series?