Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mino Wireless: VoIP-over-GPRS---WOW

WOW is right.. read and see it for yourself.. I read about Mino through this article that caught my attention on how Tmobile is banning the use of Voip over its network...first it was china with Tmobile with Mino.. whats next? this disruptive technology is getting no love at all..well its getting lots of love from endusers..that love free stuff...anywho on to the better part of this posting MINO! hahah take that Tmobile.. you suck anyways.. and I mean that.. I get the worse service with it .. thank god for cingular or maybe its the phone..who knows..
Mino.. yes..its got voip over mobile minutes with rates as low as $0.02 per minute for international calls..compared to the raping tmobile charges ($1-$2 per minute).. forget carrying that prepaid card or using skypeout over your wifi hotspot with this I can be truly mobile.. and its a hell of alot cheaper.. when compared rates for calling Peru on Skype it costs $ 0.030/0.079 depending on the destination number..on Mino the rate is 2.2 Cents! thats wack.. well my grandma can expect alot more calls now.. "To use MINO, you need a mobile phone that connects to the Internet. Most GSM phone users can install MINO for direct dial. If your phone doesn't support Java, you can still use the phone's browser or the MINO web site to enjoy your savings" Im off to register and use my free trial!


Jing said...

Hi Sam,

Good to hear that MINO is working fine for you. I am happy that the international/voip community is picking up on the t-mobile story. Actually t-mobile is not blocking mino, only this one 3G phone in UK is getting blocked, we have a lot of users in t-mobile usa, however, these users must have the $19.99 full internet access plan to use MINO, some how t-mobile block gprs traffic from applications, only wap traffic is open. So, I would bet on Cingular :)


Anonymous said...

That's not right, it's not
VoIP-over-GPRS. Mini App just use
GPRS to talk to their server.
The call has nothing to do with

I know another company use both SMS
and VoIP to provide similar service:

This is even better since every average
user can use that.

Sam Gonzales said...

well it connects to the server over GPRS but the VoIP call itself doesnt travel through GPRS..still w\out GPRS the call wouldnt take place.
I checked out the link provided thanks! looks good and tried it out but did not work for me..
also its only free for Canadians. From the US it would cost me .20 cents to send it. unfortunately it never worked for me neither.

Anonymous said...

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