Thursday, May 04, 2006

What the hell is going on @ AT&T?

when AT&T and cingular came together they decided to keep the cingular name..when SBC acquired AT&T it took that name.. redid their logo which is busted... and now it looks like cingular is going to go with the AT&T brand name.. if you arent confused by now you are good..
I guess the execs at at&t have too much free time thinking these dumb name changing plans.. chaning the name cingular to at&t is just dumb.. cingular is associated with 3G, cool phones, young, hip audience.. at&t is associated with old technology, dropped calls, bad plans..parents not so hip audience... but hey if they want to throw that branding they built up that probably cost a few millions go for it.. anyway OM Malik wrote up about it yesterday and there are some good comments there too.. ok my phone is it who knows