Tuesday, August 15, 2006

get XM radio on your cell phone

Thats if you have Alltel - the wireless carrier that has those funny commercials with the Iconic Look-Alikes from Competitors.. so it seems that they will be adding another attracting feature to their "My circle" feature that gives you unlimitted calling to 10 numbers..alltel is to start offering XM radio channels. For $8 users can stream 20 commercial free XM channels on your cell phone... this is nothing new.. Sprint already offers sirius channels.. I would have to say that Alltel is definately doing the right things and shaking things up to make some competition...it is already a saturated market, not only do you have the major carriers like cingular, tmobile, verizon but recent Helio, Amp mobile, Disney mobile, Virgin mobile and other MVNO's are making this a horse race industry where one second you are up by an inch, you blink and you are covered in dust! Exciting stuff.. now let me see what these cell phones will look like..