Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The most unreachable cell phone ever!

and I dont mean unreachable as the calls dont go through.. seriously I think I woulve had a better chance of having a one night stand with Jessica Alba after the amount of time and effort Ive put into getting a nokia e61 in my friend Joey has had his for 3 weeks, even though he originally was going for the N80 but he listened to my advice and got the e61 and is now a happy camper...if you read my previous post on the e61 seller and if you are a gadget lover like me you know the pain and suffering Ive gone/going through...I found an online retailer which I contacted to make sure they had it in stock..pretty much same never shipped out so I cancelled that order. Ebay has been empty and online retailers are either out of stock or charging an arm and a leg for an already expensive phone.. so today I found out that has it!? why didnt it show up on froogle? anyway even though I told my gilfriend that "I dont think this phone and I are meant to be" I called and they have it in stock and I can overnite the shipping so stay tuned to see if amazon comes through for me...any way I came across online retailer mobileplanet where I saw the graphs below...yes that is the nokia E61 taking the first spot in the top 5 and 20 ranks.. this phone is almost impossible to find especially now that Cingular is releasing the e62 (which is stripped off wifi and 3G) so no wonder Im struggling