Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The poor E62 to hit US by Cingular

cingular sucks for killing a perfectly good phone chopping it in pieces and selling it to you...its official that the nokia e62 will be releases in the US by cingular.. the US version of the nokia e61 will be stripped off not only of WiFi but also 3G!!!.. we all knew about the lack of wifi on this version but no 3G either??? I guess EDGE will have to do for the e62...the phone will retail for $149 which is cheap considering I paid double that for the e61..but probably with a 2 year contract..the phone hits streets sept 29th..Lets hope they dont go the verizon way and cut bluetooth off too? Im very annoyed and disapointed...are they really that scared that people will use the wifi and drop to a lower talk plan and use VoIP, and less data (EDGE)??? come on! we all know that wifi access is not there stop the BS and stop stripping products of what makes them special..we take 2 steps fwd and 5 back!


Danny Beckerman said...

that sucks! i agree with you.. WiFi is just nice to have when available but not reliable to not have a talk plan..