Friday, September 01, 2006

Skype says Bye Bye PC

once upon a time you had to be sitting in front of your pc or carrying your laptop around to use skype or use one of those usb phones plugged into to it... well those days are over skype just announced the first stand alone - dont need a pc- phones by phillips and netgear that works for normal and Internet phone calling... plugged in to your traditional landline or ethernet connection will let you use this to make calls from your home phone number as well as skype calls
the phillips handset pictured here also runs on Linux (which automatically gets my two thumbs up) Im not sure about the Netgear phone and honestly I dont care because they declined to reveal the Operating system of their phone.. too bad for them because this phillips phone will get alot more attention not just on looks but the fact that it runs on linux. even though the phones arent travel friendly because it uses DECT rather than WiFi for its wireless connection still gets kudos due to the fact that its a stand alone cordless handset..with a cordless handset skype is really now getting into the turf of providers like vonage, sunrocket and others..and it will be interesiting to see the adoption of people when this device is released.. the folks at phillips were smart about it though by keeping the dual capability to be used as a traditional phone and as a skype phone.. I could see people phasing their usage to solely skype.. and what if skype continues their current promotion past December..and you can talk for free to any US number.. who in their right minds wouldnt use it? the day voice becomes absolutely free is very near.. and thats when I will sit back and watch providers sink after years of ripping people off with the ridiculous subscriptions they charged for a simple service as voice


Anonymous said...

The phone you're referring to is the Philips VoIP841 and yeah, I got too excited about it, I also created a post about it. "Set yourself Free"
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