Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mobile VoIP on the Nokia E61

I read about truphone on the nokme blog and decided to install it and give it a try..especially because of the free US & Canada calls promo they have going on... I also had some trouble trying to set up through the SMS setup but I emailed support and had an answer within hours..their Support staff is outstanding!...bigger companies should look at a small operation like this and copy it!
anywho.. I set it up manually and was able to start making calls right away.. I set up my Office access point and home access point..what I love about it the most is that it automatically jumps on it when you come within reach of the WiFi.. I dont have to do anything..its been working flawlessly at the office.. I come in and its home it took a bit more of playing around with the settings but its working now..they even give you a PSTN number - its a washington state 360 number but hey Im not picky.. so this means I can receive calls from anyone and the phone will ring if Im connected to the WiFi ..if Im not I can have it set to fwd my calls to my cell phone for a small fee or they can leave a message..which will get sent as an attachment to my email...another cool thing is that since you have this PSTN number the callers that save this number will see this on their caller ID.. so now I have it working @ home and at the office..I have yet to play around with it when Im on the road or at a guest access point like @ works great with the e61 but it does drain some battery power..but its a small price to pay for free calls I think..