Monday, October 16, 2006

UNLocking NOKIA made Easy

Jess is leaving for the philippines in about 2 weeks so she needs her GSM nokia phone with her Phillippine SIM card in it.. but that phone was fried..wouldnt even turn on.. however she has a nokia 6610 locked to Tmobile laying around and me as a boyfriend.. so last nite I unlocked it for her. I had never had the need to unlock a phone since all the phones I get are already unlocked so this was going to be a learning experience..I googled around but only found websites that charged you for it but I knew better.. after a few site checks I came accross which had an online phone code calculator software..I entererd a few numbers off the phone and voila, got a few different unlocking codes...I entered the first one and it worked...I tested it out with my cingular SIM and it worked..I tested it with her Phillippines SIM and it worked.. so if you have a nokia you want to unlock check them out