Thursday, November 30, 2006

Comcast to offer Cell phone service...verizon to offer TV service

yes thats comcast- the cable provider slash phone provider slash broadband internet an effort to keep up with the telcos and to be able to say "quadruple play" instead of triple play on their tv commercials ... is launching a wireless service through a partnership with sprint nextel in two markets (for now) Boston and Portland...for now wireless access will be limitted to 4 handsets only..and you will be able to access your home enterntainment from your phone..(I think this is the only thing that will make the sale - since I can do this with other services like slinbox without having to pay a montly fee) so you can watch mobile TV channels, check e-mail and make unlimited calls from your cell phone to your Comcast Digital Voice home phone- they are definately pushing you to get that bundle and they are telling customers that too “to get the full value of Mobile Access service, it is best to have” a bundle including cable, Voice over Internet Protocol phone service and high-speed Internet along with the wireless service."
we'll see where this goes.. so a cable co offering wireless...what could be next? a telco offering cable tv?? att is launching IPTV in its second market.. locally verizon has the go to launch FiOS TV in my area.. so Im waiting to hear their intro offer and see if I ditch comcast completely out of my house since I now only have it for cable... got to love competition!! verizon is already a quadruple player..offering wireless, phone, internet and now tv...if their bundle packages are decent- i think they will take a nice chunck of customers - who doesnt like getting one bill for everything??


Anonymous said...

Having one bill for all is nice. We currently have comccast for cable, home phone & high speed. Would be nice to have their cell phones too. We had all with AT&T....what a mess they are. I'll never do business with AT&T again. (they also own Cingular).