Tuesday, December 19, 2006

if you want kids - put your cell phone away..?

cell phones recently got cleared of causing cancer.. (who knows how true that is? since its been on and off for years) however I was reading the nov issue of network world where it mentions that a new research shows that men who use cell phones frequently have sinificantly lower sperm counts than those who dont... the electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and the heat they generate are among the factors according to the american society for reproductive medicine..I wonder that if dualmode (gsm +wifi) handset users like myself have to double worry about this..since theres been recent talks of wifi causing cancer too (withoug much back up) earlier this year a canadian university banned the use of Wi-Fi...hmmm no little Sam jr for me anytime soon I guess..


mahesh said...

yes that is true we have to do that .
& alsoCell Phone Radiation and the Increase in Brain Cancer
people appear to have an almost pathological emotional attachment to their cell phones and there is a fascinating suggestion that cell radiation pulses might actually be addictive to the human brain
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