Thursday, January 11, 2007

reality hits - the iphone its not sooo great!

so its been a 2 days and after reading tech specs and processing it all about the iphone Ive come to the conclusion that its not that great and as "Revolutionary" as Steve Jobs said.. so I wont be buying it in june and will probably put the $600 towards a trip are my points..

- no 3G: the iphone is a cingular exclusive who have ok 3G coverage, why isnt it included its beyond me. the phone looks "revolutionary" and has WiFi but only having EDGE sets it back for things like "rich"web experiences
- no removable battery: much like the ipod the iphone is is this possible? a device that is packing an ipod for music and video and a cell phone that is all touchscreen will die of power quickly and quicker when you start using WiFi and bluetooth.. this means I'm limited to only hear some music or some web browsing or I have to be glued to a plug for contstant charging
- only cingular: another so not "revolutionary" move - (cingular soon to be called at&t which sounds because it is a dinosaur telco) some though apple would launch their on MVNO but that didnt happen, instead they have an exclusive contract with cingular limiting non-cingular customers from getting it ...
-No VoIP: mobile VoIP is "revolutionary" and the future - the fact that its a WiFi phone but with no VoIP built in to make internet calls overpassing cingular's network is disapointing
-8 GB is nothing - once you start saving movies, songs, podcasts, along with sms messages, adress books and other stuff pretty soon you'll be running low.. doesnt seem like enough to least 30 GiGs shouldve been - nokia released the 4-8GB n91 last year..
-closed system: even though the phone runs mac OS X it wont allow users to install their own porting of any os X software over it may be totally out so no skype or gizmo like i preveiously though
-no enterprise love: i read somewhere that blackberries were doomed with the iphone.. wrong! when it comes to push email they own the space (their phones look like crap) but they do email well..a major disadvantage here
-2mpx flashless camera: no flash and only one.. what about a 2nd camera on the front for ichat video conferecing on wifi (this is where 3G wouldve come in nice)

so there you have it.. the iphone is just not that great..maybe the 2nd version will be a bit more truly "revolutionary"