Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Steve does it again! the iphone exists

and its super sexy!! and it will revolutionize the way we communicate and entertain ourselves
First let me say how bugged out I am at apple( I was really hoping it was just a rumor but I knew better).. I had been fighting in getting an ipod for years because I wanted one device! But sadly came to realize it was impossible so I finally gave up and decided it was time to get one.. for xmas I received an 80GB ipod from jess along with my Nokia E61 I was set and now this? Well even though Ill probably get the iphone - it cant match what I have – the iphone looks like it only has 8GB of space,which isnt bad at all.. and also comes armed with quadband, wifi, EDGE and a bunch of other features.. let me stop by just saying its sick.. take a look for yourselves http://www.apple.com/iphone/