Saturday, February 03, 2007

FREE WiFi everywhere!?

no Im not talking about Googlenet (Googles free WiFi access pilot that started in San Fran ) but what about free WiFi access everywhere else in the world..or in the US for that matter..we can't look to Google for that can we? not anytime soon but maybe in a few years.. in the meantime we could use companies like FON which is Backed by no other than Google and Skype is a worldwide community where members aka Foneros share their WiFi at home and in return enjoy free WiFi wherever they find FON too. another company doing the same thing is Whisher .. I think its a great idea share the Wifi and that way you get wifi access for web and VoIP too.. right? not so perhaps..after I shared the idea and FON's latest promo (giving away free FON routers) to my friends I got alot of ressistance.. the idea of them sharing their Cable or FiOS broadband was not accepted well.. why would I want to share my bandwith? it will slow my downloads! what about security? these are all good questions but I said lets look at the bigger picture... for one you can control how much access your give people
and second what are the chances of a Fonero actually being in my neck of the woods? and if so how long is that person really going to be there?..I think we were overlooking the actual idea..and what about us when we are on the go wouldnt we want free wifi access..i guess its that I take but dont give back mentality in some of us?


Mike Puchol said...


I agree with your views, and this is why Whisher is not just about sharing your WiFi - it offers a number of additional functionality that will work on top of -any- WiFi. You can always just share with your friends, if you are not prepared or worried about sharing with the rest of the world.