Saturday, April 28, 2007

the mighty powerful SIM card: GPS SIM cards

last year I wrote about samsun's GSM SIM card with a whooping 1GB of mem.. a year later we are looking at SIM cards with a complete embedded GPS system! developed by blue sky positioning and announed at SIMposium .. the entire gps system is fitted in the sim card but the processing is done by the phone.. this opens up alot of embedded applicaitions in high end phones like the nokia e61 I owe which has positioning, navigator and landmarks applications already but not used w\out a bluetooth gps receiver.. and even in lower end phones the GPS SIM card could come into play with text based location pin-pointing.. and even applications like Jaiku and Twitter could have more location rich features..and if google decided to upgrade the mobile map application to use the GPS SIM it would pretty much put GPS receiver manufatures out of business.. how will GPS receiver manufatures and softwares survive? Garmin is a good example of seeing where mobile technology is going and trying to get a pice of the cake - just look at Nokia and the nokia N95 - GPS enabled with their own GPS software embedded in the phone- even though Garmin maybe a bit too late since they are not known for manufacuring cell phones..but then again neither did apple or google but the iphone is out in june and the google phone is still a "rumor"


CreditAbility said...

wait up! we'll see what will happen in a year. I guess, there'll be such an option on a cellphone as "think of what to put on tomorrow" or "scan the fridge if there's milk in there"