Monday, April 30, 2007

Tmobile Dash now makes VoIP calls

even though the feature was never enabled.. someone figured out how to unlock it! got to love it.. I recently looked at gettin a dash vs the blacjack which I sold and Im back on the E61.. but one of the reasons I quickly said no to the dash was for the lack of a SIP client even thogh it has wifi.... here are the instructions from howardforums

As expected, tmobile wm6 does not have voip enabled by default.. However with the help of ppl over at xda, I was able to get it working !! Here are steps
1) app unlock your wm6 (same surrealnetwork file works in wm6)
2) download voip cab files from xda here and put it on your dash. then install it. You should see these files in windows folder
# ipdialplan.xml
# dnsapi.dll
# voipphonecanvas.dll
# rtcdll.dll
3) follow the steps here
4) reboot your device and Settings->Phone->internet calling set the option "Whenever available"
5) it takes some time for the special sip icon to appear on your phone
enjoy !!!


photo jewelry said...

Thanks for the info! Just got a Dash!

dwatts3624 said...

I currently trying to test this functionality out with my phone and am having trouble with the installed cab file. I cannot see any of the files in my windows explorer like the post says I should be able to. I have installed the latest cab from SurrualNetworks and can confirm that the new key is present. Any ideas what the problem may be?

Thank you in advance!


Anonymous said...

"put it on your dash. then install it."

Where do I put the cab files? How do I install it?

unzipping the cab files gives me
6 files. 5 with extensions 000 - 004 and a setup.xml

Anonymous said...

okay nevermind the install part from anonymous- figured that one out and having a 'duh' moment. selected 'Whenever Available' option in the phone settings but how can I be sure I am actually using wi-fi? And what does the 'special sip icon' look like?