Monday, June 25, 2007

get email on your cell phone

the days of carrying that extra PDA, or that bulky Treo or Blackberry maybe long gone..or maybe not...if you are a power user that needs to be connected 24-7 with all the capablities such as push email, reply all, attachments, etc dont read further. this isnt for you. but if you wouldnt mind gettin your email from certain people on your phone for free then this may be something worth checking..

I learned about teleflip at DEMO 07 and was invited to be a beta tester and finally set sometime to take a closer look: basically its a free service that fwd's your email to your cell phone as a text message..sounds good right? no software, free, any cell phone will work (you should have a text messaging bundle pack from your provider otherwise this may get expen$ive)

Signing up was painless, I entered my cell phone number and email account.. but receiving email was not as easy..I sent a total of 3 test emails to myself within 30 minutes and none were received on my cell phone.. it seems that this is a known issue but out of teleflips hands (they say the carrier is to blame for the latency on receiving it, Cingular seems to be known for this but give it a try it may just work for you) in theory its a great service even though text messages (SMS) are limitted to 120 characters (this means that if your email is 240 characters it will be broken into 2 text messages)... but even then its still a great service if it works for you....its a free service that delivers email to your cell shiny dont complain because 5 minutes ago all you could use that thing was to talk and send text messages...overall I give teleflip 1 thumbs up - the idea is great but it didnt work 100% for me but it may just be because Im on cingular..