Thursday, June 21, 2007

Opera mini 4 beta is the iphone safari rival

I talked about opera mini 3 last year , they now have released the 4.o beta version and its much now loads up pages the way they are supposed to load up (not vertically displayed) its easier to move around the page and zoom in when necessary (much like the zoom in feature on the iphone safari browser shown below)

Opera mini 4 is free and you can use it on EDGE, 3G and WiFi.. which on the iPhone you are restricted to EDGE and WiFi..they even have a funny but true iphone ad parody video of opera mini guy vs iphone guy ... to finish off I took a few screenshots of opera mini 3 and the latest 4 Beta version..

As you can see opera mini 3 rendered web pages in a vertical "fit to width" format which was cumbersome to flow on pages (this is the result of web pages being pre-processed by opera before sending them to your phone)

Mini 4 Beta displays webpages the way they are meant to be viewed.. as you can see the washington post page loaded with a zooming box marked by the X

This is a zooming in shot of the post page using opera mini 4 making it easy to flow across and read.


j. fyrberg said...

Still can't get it on my T-mobs BB Pearl tho. Hafta use OM3 for a while longer...