Thursday, July 26, 2007

Meet my new friends

Say hello to my little friends.. the Nokia E61i and N800 Internet Tablet.. I have been using them for about a week or so now and enjoying it.. I was not trying to upgrade my e61 but missed the camera and being able to send pics.. so even thought its a minor upgrade im still happy i can now use it w\ shozu which uploads videos and pics straight to my YouTube and flickr accounts.. the n800 has been really nice.. I even paid skypeout so i use that when at home.. Im also using to read my rss feeds and listen to internet radio using Canola. I have yet to watch a movie on it though..thats about it.. Im not going to go into a depth review on these two since there are plenty online so just google it or drop me a note as you can see I'm too busy playing with these new gadgets to write more..