Thursday, March 20, 2008

Full HD video over USB or WLAN!

Thanks to Nokia's project  "noBound" this may come a reality sooner than later.  We are all "bound" in one way or another to our smart phones.  Not only are we bound to these wireless devices (mostly to be connected to the world) but we also have content on them (everything from pictures, short vids to full movies) that we like to share but we are in the HD era.  Just look at sites like which features  HD content, even P2P apps like Vuze (azureus) . We love our cellphones  and we all love HD content on our HD plasmas and noBounds brings both of these technologies together by letting you pair a cell phone or handheld device up with any display, even your shiny plasma at 30 frames per second over USB or WLAN. Click play on the demo video below to see it in action. I can not wait to be able to do this on my Nokia N800!

noBounds! - blast Smartphones display bounds! from Bernd Steinke on Vimeo.