Friday, May 30, 2008

Mac OS X Sync Google contacts

Up until now I've been syncing my google calendar flawlessly with iCal and my Nokia e61i using goosync Their premium account lets you sync contacts too but I've been using the free account - actually the main reason I'm not syncing contacts is because google does not give you the option to disable the add recipient of all the email addresses you've used at one point or another. I don't really want to keep an email address of someone I emailed once. I recently imported my contacts from gmail to Mail and had over 1000 contacts to erase. Google's new Contact Sync still doesn't address this issue but at least it keeps it synced without the need to export/import contacts, so if you always email the same people or don't mind having the contact info of someone you bought a Wii off craigslist then it may just be fine for you. Read the FAQ though it seems to have too many setbacks in addition to only working with iPhones and iPod touch by default which is pretty lame, but there is already a way around this here its not a walk in the park but it gets it done. I'm just going to keep importing/exporting like it's 1999 until they give users a lot more control over what contacts to sync on any device.