Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Google talk on Blackberry.. but there is no talk?

I recently saw this article on Blackberry incorporating Google talk to the blackberry platform. At first I thougt this is sweet! you mean I will be able to use it for instant messaging and also talk like Skype for Pocket PC? Come to find the Google "talk" application will only really be instant messaging. In that case shouldn't be called Google "Text" or google "Messenger" since there is no talk taking place, and why is that huge news? My blackberry already has MSN, yahoo, AIM and ICQ. It seems these days everyone wants to be best friends with Google and throw a Block party about it. I can see it already, ACME sells toilet paper to google inc hitting the wires...I was a bit disapointed, one because this would've meant that the new blackberries would be Wifi enable which is great because I dont think enough mobile devices are rolling out with wifi and also that more people would sign up for google talk which is still not known by many.
One point for skype (for not really doing anything) zero points for Google and RIM (for trying too hard) I can only hope that sometime soon Skype will release linux mobile that my phone can support and that I can find a wifi sdio with linux drivers too.