Wednesday, January 18, 2006

VoIP ads flying high

We've all seen heavy marketing ads by companies like Vonage, but I was surprised to see one on my lunch tray. On a recent flight I came across a pocket size pamphlet in my lunch tray which at first I thought was a listing of the movies playing on this 6 hour flight or maybe the nutrition content of my yummy chicken, but no; I found what was an ad for Zingotel-the new way to talk. Yes another VoIP phone company. Totally unexpected as I have never seen this on a flight.
Recent VoIP news in the US such as ebay buying skype created a good Buzz that even my friends recognize the name these days. However is VoIP only really known within the telecom world, the gadget guys and techies, and in other parts of the world? And is it going to take a few more years, pamphlets in my food trays and more marketing tactics for the regular Joe to realize and embrace that he can use his broadband connection for more than just downloading songs?While in Peru I saw VoIP being used all over the place, they have Internet cafes which have phone booths to make international calls almost every two blocks. Back at home I’m still trying to explain it to my neighbors.


Barry White said...

Ebay has revolutionised the attitude of millions to buying on line. Yet, perhaps not surprisingly, the vast majority of material online is all about selling. Not surprising because that is where the money is made.

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Sandro said...

What's even better, Zingotel has an awesome converting affiliate progam which a number of webmasters (non-tech related) have picked up and started promoting as well. $14.95 unlimited North America?!? Can anyone beat that? Best yet, their affiliate program is paying great rates! Cheers