Thursday, January 19, 2006

Honey pick up some milk, bread and VoIP

British supermarket store Tesco is getting into the IP telophony market by expanding its telecom portafolio and offering VoIP to its customers.
Tesco claims prices would be slashed down but looks like skype beats them on the landline call prices, Calls to U.K. landlines using Tesco's VoIP product will cost 2 pence (3.5 U.S. cents) per minute, while Skype users are currently charged 2.1 cents per minute when they call U.K. landlines. However calls to mobile phones are the other way around, Skype charges users 25.12 cents per minute to all U.K. networks, while Tesco offers rates of 17.57 cents.
Now this is what I call a super store.. forget walmart and target on their weak attempts to be a "super" one stop store