Thursday, January 19, 2006

All about the G's: 3G-LG-cinGular

Cingular announced in December of last year that it would be rolling out 3G service in the US in 2006 , I just never thought it would be actually rolling out this soon. @ CES pictures of the first 3G cingular handset surfaced. The first phone will be by no other than LG.

The LG CU320 is expected to hit the shelves later this month, it has the usual (bluetooth, 1.3 mega pixel cam, and Mp3 player) Cingular is the first to luanch this technology (HSDPA) and currently has the first and only large-scale deployment of this new WCDMA/UMTS-based 3G technology. With speeds of between 400 to 700 Kbps on the downlink and bursts to more than a megabit per second subscribers will be able to stream clips and episodes of shows, including exclusives from HBO to the phone. Cingular's push into 3G includes the world's first GAIT-compliant phone that will allow users to access GSM, TDMA and analog networks.