Thursday, January 19, 2006

Interesting Websites

but unfortunately both probably being used by some people.... Want to chat with that hottie you met on online? or do you need to tell them a little something you found out? well here are two websites I came accross that will help you do just that. a web based IM client that allows you to use your AIM, Yahoo, MSN and GTalk simultaneously sort of like Trillian (which is a Gonzales approved product) but web based. No downloads! great if you are on the road or on someone's computer. I gave it a test drive and it went well. Another web based IM client is emessenger which lacks Gtalk though.
Onto the website numero dos which a friend told me about and found it disturbing. InSpotLa is a new way to send ecards to sex partners and tell them they may have an STD anonymously. Controversial? this is one ecard nobody would want to get. Well there's people meeting total strangers online (,, eharmony, you get the point) so it would make sense for those strangers to let you know about their litte surprise through an ecard..whats next notices going mobile?maybe an MMS that has hotline number linked to it?