Thursday, January 26, 2006

Your own IPOD phone + MMS Podcasting?

Why waste $$ on the moto ROKR and be limited to only 100 songs! or 512mb? when with this free program Mass Storage synchronizer it lets you sync some mp3 playing mobiles with itunes and even if your phone is not "supported" by the program you can also use it with an SD/MMC card reader.
This great program is by Tea Vui Huang, who is also the creator of some other awesome applicatons such as MobileCast: Podcasting to Mobile Phones. JavaCast: Enhanced Podcast to J2ME Converter. Tsunami Detector: Live analysis of USGS earthquake reports. andMMS Podcasting: Podcasting via MMS messages!! say what?? yes that means your phone even if is not able to play mp3 audio files can still play the (MMS) AMR audio file! These gets two thumbs up from me


Anonymous said...

cool stuff

Ponsel said...

technology is now experiencing rapid growth at all in comparison to a few years ago. very inspiring.