Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Google and DELL: new best friends?

not only is google involved in launching $100 laptops but now it looks like they will be preinstalled in all Dell's if their "testing"goes well. I guess Dell started shaking when they heard google's involvement in pc manufacturing and with the recent launch of Google pack it was either lets hold hands and be friends or die like the rest by double OO.. but this frienship doesnt come cheap, according to the news I've read Google will put out up to $1billion over three years for the rights to have the Google Toolbar pre-installed on Dells.. and HP is in the game too
Google has already signed up to bundle with HP. and according to the wall street journal google pays HP $1 for every PC installed with a Google toolbar and 75 cents for the first time the user types in a query on his spanking new HP PC.