Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wireless iPods : bluetooth and wifi enabled?

I think it was about 2 weeks ago that my buddies Aaron,Rob and I were discussing gadgets over Pho and the topic of ipods came up... and how it would be great to have ipods with bluetooth and thjat were wi-fi capable? and today I read that PortalPlayer, which manufactures the chip behind the ipod's audio logic, will add Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support to its products. They are demoing it @ 3GSM in Barcelona next week! darnn I'll be in Mexico for VON/ExpoComm/Linux world..
if you didnt bother clicking on the article or need a basic translation, it basically means the integration will allow PortalPlayer-based gadgets such as ipods to use Bluetooth stereo headsets (no more wires connecting your headphones to your mp3 player) you can also transfer music wirelessly from your computer and/or download music directly from your ipod through Wi-Fi downloading on the go here we come! maybe this is what Apple will use that trademarked name "mobile me" which I blogged about in January which was trademarked late last year. Even though this is a great thing.. I'm already thinking sweet! let some 14 year old hack it and we'll be able to share content on the go..can you say "Mobile generation of peer-to-peer file sharing"


Sam Gonzales said...

apple probaly wouldnt but that doesnt mean it cant be done. modding and hacking can be a great thing!

Montecore the Tiger said...

Wireless ear buds excite me, but I wonder if Apple will allow iPods to transmit songs using Bluetooth.