Thursday, February 23, 2006

Time for a new phone...Skype over 3G?

so Im in the market for a new phone.. I still love my e680 but TXTing on it is a pain so Ive been looking around and this siemens sk65 jumped at me.. I like its design and its got a qwerty keypad and blackberry on it camera or mp3 player which is fine cause I already have that on my e680. What i am really looking for is phone w\ a true qwerty keypad... while browsing around I considered maybe getting something wifi capable but the price on those are still in the $400-600 range.. so not yet..then I thought well maybe something with 3G but I didnt see anything I like yet. I also searched on phones by operating systems as I favor open source OS like linux and symbian for mobiles due to the customizing "hacking" capabilities but nothing but I did see some interesting news involving skype, symbian, nokia and 3G.. seems that skype will be on symbian OS and on the nokia 60 series which will allow skype VoIP calls over 3G..these news leaked at 3GSM where a demo showed skype on two 6680's over 3G. however running it over 3G resulted in a latency of about a second.. what do you expect? its not wifi!