Thursday, February 23, 2006

Two Phone numbers in one Phone? is it possible?

Thanks to Ghost Dual SIM its possible!.. Im not the only one that has two mobile numbers and two handsets.. it can be very inconvinient having to carry both. My e680 is on Cingular and the blackberry on Tmobile which is mainly used for email but I do use it for international roaming phone calls when Im traveling outside the Ive always wondered why handsets didnt come come w\ two SIM card slots? Yes, my e680 is "unlocked" which means I can put any GSM Sim and it will work anywhere but this isnt good enough...Why you ask? I have 2 reasons. What if for the weekend I dont want to carry two phones (personal and business) but need to be accessible by both? or what if Im out of the country and I get a local SIM for local calling but still need to be accessible at my US number?
A few years ago Verizon Wireless released something for travelers with "global phone service" these 2 Global Phones were built with both CDMA and GSM capabilities,so it could be used in the U.S. (Verizon Wireless CDMA) and overseas (GSM with the included SIM card) which Im sure the phone was locked to Verizon so that if I slipped an international SIM it wouldnt work. I started googling around and found two solutions on ebay.... Dual Sim Ghost(pictured above) allows you to have two sim cards/2 numbers in one phone and supposedly both active all times which is what I wanted...
another solution was a MultiSim Copier/writer : put 6-12 different phone numbers/networks in one SIM but it has a limitation of an auto switch feature which changes betwen numbers automatically but it doenst allow for 2 or more phone numbers to be "ON" at all times
My solution: for my problem of two phones numbers (sometimes 3 if I get a local SIM card of the country I am visiting) that I want "ON" at all times is to combine both of these solutions
get a SIM card writer copy my tmobile number to it.. and get the dual SIM ghost where I will have my cingular + Copied tmobile SIM... this way the blackberry will keep its original SIM so i dont have to open and take it out everytme I want both numbers on one handset...makes sense?
if not thats too will be carrying around two phones for the rest of your life