Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Fan Mail from Sam Gonzales...

So I have gotten some great comments on the blog but never from another Sam Gonzales before.. so when I saw this email I first thought it was a spam email... but its not.. actual fan mail? and I found out Im googable too!? I hadnt even google myself but I did after I got this email
"Hey Sam,I came across your blog on a search on Google for my name (and yours) ! Just thought i'd drop you a line to congratulate you on the content of your blog ! Top stuff ! Interesting coincidence to see that there are other people with the same name as mine who are into high-tech ! Anyway you count me on to become a reader of your blog ;-)
Sam Gonzales - CEO"
I found me as a first hit ong google.. impressive..glad to hear people out there are reading my blog and find it interesting...keep the comments mail too..but no hate mail please..hehehehe... Hi Sam! and thanks for the kind words.. I will do my best to keep the content on here interesting as always.. and if I dont leave a comment and let me know if Im slacking...


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Anonymous said...

Wohoooooooooooo yay for google...I was able to track you down buddy!...but yeah only after I googled the hotel lol :)