Tuesday, March 21, 2006

On the Road: Stop 3 - San Fran / VON recap

After Spring VON ended Friday afternoon I went up to San Fran for friday and Saturday since it was pointless for me to go home when I had to be in San Diego Sunday AM for Comptel. VON was a good show overall...the talk about net neutrality was in the air and definately Video over IP.. now that VoIP has reached a mainstream level and people want not just voice over their ip lines.. we are demanding high quality, on demand content and Video is whats next. It will be interesting to see what will happen.. will Video over IP have the same effect on the broadcasting industry as VoIP did to the telecom industry? Not only has Jeff pulver been talking about it and his message was mainly about video.. but then he was giving away Sling boxes to some of the attendees? VON even had a VON TV camera crew where I got interviewd and had my two minutes of fame..so "Video" was definately in the air and its been clear to me at least for some time that this is where we are going... Google video and itunes carrying video? is a great example of all this but I think whats been holding it back its the quality of the content. Im excited to test out the slingbox where even though its not HD quality to me it doenst make that much of a difference as long as i can get my home video on the go.