Thursday, March 09, 2006

On the road: Stop 1 - Brazil

Im in Sao Paulo this week for the Telexpo Show a pretty big Telecom Technology event in Latin America. "Telexpo is the event in which companies of all sizes showcase their state-of-the-art solutions, innovations and trends to the market, owing to its national and international reach and the great volume of new businesses generated there. It is the convergence of all convergences. And it is all in an event connected with the future!" all of that coulve be summed up in a few words "an event which mobile companies showcase their state of the art, shiny new phones" after attending expocomm in Mexico and seeing the massive mobile presence.. Brazil top it off.. the LG logo is practically the brazilian flag...its everywhere I look theres LG. their booth is massive I will be doing some walking around mobile booths before I leave and give a recap on the hottest which cant be too far off from what I saw in Mexico 2 weeks ago. As far as a tourist stop ehh not much to do, theres really nice parks and good restaurants..Rio de Janeiro is definately a much more tourist place. I leave Brazil saturday nite and arrive in DC sunday morning for about 12 hours and then off to San Jose for VON spring..
thats it for now.. telexpo reviews coming tonite or tomorrow..