Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Rolling your screen...

I came accross this through Aaron.. and my eyes just lit up like a christmas tree..polymer vission enables an amazing format of display into a thin as paper roll...its a high resolution display that can roll into a tube...can you say larger screens for mobile entertainment? and when not in use just roll it up? I would say more but Im at a loss for words.. and just looking at how pretty is...is more than enough.. so when can I get one?

However we cannot forget about the short life of batteries for devices such as these.. more mobiles are coming out w\ great apps and functionalities but whats the point of all of it if i have to carry around 2 extra batteries w\ me? I recently read about this new M1 battery generation on wired magazine and was very excited to see that this problem is getting addressed. The M1, based on the same lithium-ion technology used in your cell phone and laptop, has twice the power of standard 18-volt tools and run for twice as long per charge....thats music to my ears..
I guess you can say bye bye to the energizer bunny