Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Apple rumored to launch iPhone...

ok you ipod geeks.. time for another toy perhaps? Ive speculated on this months ago.. and if the phone is ok and lets me store more than 100 songs(ROKR post below) than Steve Jobs may get my props and $$ too .. I havent given into getting an ipod due to the fact that I hate carrying too many gadgets.. (see my posts on dual sim ghost for 2 phones) but if this rumor as read through the iag blog is through then we may all be seeing alot more of those edgy ads w\ white devices and cords..
"UK consultancy Visiongain believes that this spring Apple will launch its rumoured “iPhone” – a high-end cellphone to which VoIP capability will subsequently be added. Apple and networking partner Helio are targeting the same young-consumer market as the one in which the iPod music device has been such a runaway success"
its a rumor but i see it happening.. and its not going to be nice..well for apple it will but the iPhone will probably be as disruptive to the existing mobile carriers as the iPod was to the music industry and if VoIP capability is added, along with wifi and bluetooth as I posted earlier it will be a monster!!