Thursday, April 06, 2006

we ready for Free Internet / WIFI? Google thinks so and I love them for it!

News today announced google and earthlink are being selected for city wide wifi in san fran.. these two decided to team together rather than go against each other on the bid for this contract and it seems like it paid off.. well now theyll have to pay the $15million that it will cost to get this network up.. Google will be offering free wifi access where Earthlink will be charging around $20 per month for faster access than googles free service which is expected to stink of ads...
Google has been rumored since last year..but it now looks like the rumors were true.. as its preety much known that they are planing to deploy a country wide free wifi access.. they have patented three technologies for providing free Wi-Fi that is adbased.. I cant wait to see what this brings as internet providers like (comcast, aol, verizon) will soon be crying as they start loosing some customers..Im one right here.. I will happily dump comcast not because im cheap but because of a few reasons that I wont go into now..that and who cares if i have to see more ads for viagra, vonage, or soemthing else that ill never buy for free access..key word..FREE