Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Time for another Cell phone?

probably not this one though.. Vertu which is Nokia's Luxury handset division just released their "racetrack Legends series" which pays tributes to a racetrack circuit.. production was limitted to 1000 unites w\ the outlines of italy's monza and britains silverstone on the back of the handsets.. if you check their website out you'' also see their other designs such as "diamonds, Signature, and Ascent"and their special editions "pink, Azure, and white"..its a dope phone and if I was a hip hop mogul I would probably get the diamonds series for some ice in my life.. but too bad that its just a really nice and $ faceplate on top of a basic Nokia 1100 UI (user interface)..so is that like buying a lexus when its really a toyota camry?


sanyofaceplates said...

This phone is so sleek and stylish,that it makes razors look like cheap plastic rotary phone. And if you think this is expencive,check out Nokia's luxory line Vertu www.Vertu.com those phones go around $90.000