Friday, May 05, 2006

Another MVNO for the rich and stupid

and no Im not talking about HELIO which launched earlier this week.. which I meant to post about as I read they are charging something around $85 for service??? hmmm their phones are not that "cool" but hey they have this partnership with myspace so I guess those junkies will be walking around like zombies on their helio phones..
ok back to topic on this Hight end MVNO Voce targeting wealthy only interested in talking on their cell because it is an MVNO on Cingular's network, Voce cannot offer data with its phones.
there is a $1000 membership fee and then a $400 for unlimited voice service in the US. Membership includes a new phone every year as well as additional services like a concierge and access to private jets. Voce is launching with the Nokia 8801 in Black or a Motorola RAZR with black, white or tan leather shells. maybe these folks havent heard of Unlocked GSM phones which these area and can be bought online or from the UK and be used on tmobile or cingular's network w\out having to pay 1k because they think they will be the only ones with a white razor? i wonder what kind of subscriber base they have already so I can send them a "you are stupid mobile user" I mean seriously $400 for just unlimitted talk and no data? I guess thats why they have the concierge available for.. hey can you google this and that for me?