Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Walmart enters PC market

as if it wasnt bad for the PC industry that Vista is delayed until next year... and this will definately hurt pc sales this year's Holiday season sales..but maybe not @ Walmart which will start selling build your own computer components in 1200 of its 3200 US stores.. I can see it already... an isle full of puter geeks... I guess this is where the "radio shack" crew will be hanging out at..this inderectly hurts companies like Dell, HP and others due to the simple fact that this allows fully customized computers being built which if my guess is right will be alot cheaper then customizing a Dell or HP pc.. another thing to keep in mind is that there is a niche market out there for "modded" pcs. I have friends that rather build their own pcs with Custom cases and mod the hell out of it..Im talking Neon lights, clear panels, and flashy buttons and lights....than buy a pc @ best buy.. like i said before this can inderectly hurt pc companies by the fact that your regular joe is not going to show up at walmart to buy pc parts and spend a few weekends putting it together and another thing to consider is the quality and service of the actual parts..we'll see how it goes