Thursday, June 08, 2006


I returned home from Chicago after attending globalcomm which ended up not standing to the hype it had built..I think Andy Abramson said it best on his posting ...
I was asked on my thoughts on the show and the only thing I can say other than the weak attendance at the show is how even though this show called “GLOBALCOMM” to me meaning “GLOBAL communications”showcasing technology that should or is supposed to allow us to communicate in various ways all over the world in various devices using different techonolgy but in reality that is not whats going on at least not to its fullest…. the way VoIP is seen as a distruptive technology and places like china have banned skype usage.. same thing is going on in latin america for example in Mexico where telmex has a monopoly there which I found out about while at VON mexico…seems that is not the only place… I chatted with a a gentleman from Colombia on how the same thing goes over there.. where his company is selling VoIP services to enterprise only not to consumer because its banned by the government. But we arent that much better off here in the US as we have our own issues you can say with this whole “net-neutrality” thing.. so in a way you could say we arent reallly communicating globally like we could or should with the technnolgy that is available? with the hype of IMS and its capabilities of any device, any network, any where.. is it really going to be possible to one day be globally connected?
well you guys think about that and get back to me on your thoughts... Im off to Vegas tomorrow morning until next tuesday for some much needed R&R.. so dont expect much postings..