Friday, July 07, 2006

the Ipod rival?

Wow.. it seems like it was yesterday that I last posted but it was really June 16th. What can I say? Ive been busy!
as most of you know I had not given into the "ipod" fad for a while and was pretty happy until I got suckered into one. So as Im almost getting ready to give in and buy one I came accross these news -rumors on Microsoft launching a wifi enabled media player. wifi / bluetooth enabled ipods or media players is not anything new. I had blogged a few months ago on the chip manufacturer for ipods releasing a wifi/bluetooth chip.. I wouldnt be surprised if steve announced the news and beats MS to the punch again next month, but even if thats not the case Microsoft must be smoking good crack if they think that the user/fan base of ipods/itunes are just going to move over to their shinny wireless player and put all that $ and time they put into their playlists down the drain.. for now I guess I will just sit tight and wait.