Wednesday, July 12, 2006

more IPOD rival news..

last week I wrote about the ipod rival from Microsoft and pretty much called them crack smokers.. so let me take that back as their lawyers were not too fond of it and they let me know by email ..anywho more news have surfaced seems like this device is more than just an mp3 player.. the project is being called ARGO which is being developed by the Xbox group.. not only will it compete with the current mp3 players out there now that it will have wifi but also with portable game players that have long had wifi and work as media players... still though if MS is to have any chance of actually compete w\ IPODS, wifi isnt going to be enough.. if they want cause some is what I picture, a device like the sony psp with a tons of memory (more than 60GIGs) that can handle mp3s, photos, video, bluetooth, and with its wifi capabilities be able to handle VoIP, video conferecing, build that and I will give your props and probably even buy it too