Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Skpe calls through your VPN

sorry for the lack on postings, its not that there is a lack of content to write about..more like a lack of time.. but anyway I think this one is worth it and has been on the back of my head since I heard about it a few weeks back...I was chatting up with fellow blogger/Nextoner Travis Andrews about skype and its free calls promotion ( make free calls to any telephone in the US and Canada through the end of the year) and his last trip to Dominican republic which is my next trip as well.. it seems that if you VPN into your home network you can make free calls to any US & Canada number when you are out of the country... he said he did the entire time he was down there with a zero balance on his skype out accoutn.. I have yet to check this myself but will definately be doing it next time Im out of the country...keep it shhhhh though the folks at skype already have too much to worry about