Thursday, July 27, 2006

Content, Content and more content by us

I was watching CNN this morning and their piece on videos and blogs from people living the Lebanon-Israel conflict and how they are using these mediums to share their experiences..why is this great? the world gets to see how things really happen from the perspective of someone actually there in the ground! living it...not what the media filters, edits and then broadcasts..The piece showed not only video on Youtube, but also blogs and websites where people are reporting via cell phones through SMS/MMS this just shows what Ive said before and Ill say it again.. the true content providers are us.. yes us.. How?
lets see.. lets start with your everyday cell phone..everytime you snap that picture or short video and send it to friends or to a portal like YouTube where you can "broadcast yourself"or other websites you become a contetn provider... not only can you send pictures and video, but also text filled with your views, opinions in forms of blog postings which you can send from your mobile as well....going back to Youtube and googleVideo two of the most popular content filled by users websites.. and blgos where bloggers like me that ramble sometimes about nothing are content providers... however these days the content we are providing isnt about just anything its about real issues, real people and real crisis