Thursday, August 31, 2006

Cell phone waiting area @ the airport

No more driving in circles waiting for that "Im here call"...I just got home from DCA ( Ronald Reagan airport)and noticed one new sign when my girlfriend missed the parking lot and we had to drive around.. the sign for a "Cell Phone Waiting Area" caught my attenttion..the 34 space area opened july 5th to allow drivers to stay put rather than drive around in circles while waiting for arriving passengers.. a great idea I think.. some of us get there right at arrival times to pick up guests so getting into the garage, having to find a spot and then pay the $ for 30 min for a 10 min stop seems dumb and this is a great solution for cell phone power users like myself..when Im usually busy talking away just waiting for that "Im here call" and can just swing by the gate and scoop them if they could make this area WiFi too I would have no problem getting there an hour earlier (which is the limit for this free area)