Monday, August 07, 2006

Music Marketing tip of the week

I was asked the other day by a new start up record label on some marketing advice..they dont have a huge budget either so they couldnt really afford to bring me in for some consutling...but being the nice guy that I am I gave them a few tips.. one of them was simple, yet very important.. Finding your local photographers/blogger that are out at these event snapping pics all nite.. they usually have a good website with lots of traffic and a solid following (everyone likes seeing their pics online - its a fact) sideshow bob , pixorave by dj Genna, and high rezolution are good examples of what I mean.. I included a few pics below taken NOT by me (Thats me on the first one with Sandra Collins) but by one of these guys..if you look at the pics you'll notice something in common in all of them.. no its not that they are all world famous djs..its the Posters placed in specific locations that result in very cool shots (my favorite is probably Sander K -2nd below on his Everybody Tour) so see doing something as simple as this can help any release campaign especially when one of these websites tracks thousands of visits

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Anonymous said...

nice tip! those are some awesome djs