Friday, August 11, 2006

RSS feeds for lazy people.. whats an RSS?

if you couldnt find your TV remote you probably would just turn the TV off..because getting off the couch to change the channel is just too much for some of us to handle..these days I feel the same way about visiting websites, there are just way too many out there and they update it a few times a day... more and more websites have started implementing RSS feeds - aka news feeds... for the lazy folks to still receive news and updates w\out having to type that long painful url like so whats all this RSS talk? what does it mean? check feedburners rss 101
my explanation is simple .. rss is just a link that you can add to different readers to get updates on news, blog postings, etc ..
you may have noticed on the right of my blog Im already RSS capable... you can subscribe to this blog and get new postings w\out having to visit my page.. you can receive them by email, or add it to your news readers or even as an outlook add in.. but I hope you still come back & visit